September 25, 2019

Men's Bracelets: 9 of the Best Types of Bracelets for Guys

In recent years, the sales of men's jewelry have   steadily increased. It's becoming more and more acceptable to wear jewelry, and in fact, many men flaunt it on social media, such as Instagram.

If you'd always envied women for their ability to wear pretty shiny things, you can now too. A ring here and a bracelet there can do wonders to enhance your outfit.

Thinking of buying a new bracelet or two? Here are 9 of the best types of men's bracelets you can try wearing.

1. Leather Bracelets

If you want to go for a more casual, laidback aesthetic, leather bracelets are the way to go. The simplest ones are made of just a strap of leather you can wrap around your wrist several times. That way, you get some thickness and texture going up your wrist.

Other more complicated and intricate ones incorporate pieces of metal or pendants to give it some flair. For instance, some may have a thick band of leather and a few metal beads in the middle.

If you normally dress in a casual, grungy way, then all you need is a leather bracelet or two to complete the look.

2. Anchor Bracelets

Love to get out on the ocean? Even if you don't, anchor bracelets make great accessories.

A metal anchor will usually be the centerpiece, with some kind of rope or twine as the bracelet. You can expect to find the rope or twine in typical nautical colors, such as navy blue, white, and red.

If you get a bracelet that doesn't have too big of an anchor, then it can be quite versatile. Not only can you wear it with your business suits, but you can also wear it with jeans and a collared shirt when you're meeting your friends for drinks after work.

3. Rope Bracelets

No, this isn't a repeat of item #2 on the list. Instead, it's quite literally a piece of rope, like you'd find on climbing utility cords. Some are even fastened with things like small carabiners.

If you're a rock-climbing enthusiast, then take this opportunity to show off your hobby with a related bracelet. You may think it's too casual for business wear, but you'd be surprised at how good a thin, basic rope bracelet would look while wearing a suit.

4. Beaded Bracelets

Beaded bracelets are great for casual wear. You can keep things simple by wearing solid, dark colors with beads of uniform size.

But if you want to go bolder, there are definitely some options out there. There are bracelets that not only have different colored beads on them, but also different sizes and textures. For instance, they may have several medium tiger eye beads and then metal ones in between.

Som beaded bracelets also have charms in the middle. A black skull here or there on your bracelet can emanate a little bit of toughness.

5. Bangle Bracelets

For something more simple, you'll want to go with a  bangle bracelet. These can be made of different types of metal, such as gold, stainless steel, copper, or silver.

Like many other bracelet types, you can find bangle bracelets in simple design. Or, you might find some that have intricate etchings in them to give them an interesting look.

Some bangle bracelets also come with   designs on either end. This can give a simple bracelet a bit of a twist, as people's eyes will be drawn to whatever design is at the ends.

6. Gemstone Bracelets

Some of these claim to have healing properties, but take that with a   pinch of salt. Rather, you should wear these for their interesting aesthetics, not for their "healing" properties.

Gemstone bracelets have very unique looks because they're made up of several different gemstones, which all look different and may not be uniformly shaped.

If you want to have a "new-age" look about you, then adding gemstone bracelets to your outfit is a must.

7. Link Bracelets

If you want something that looks and feels more high-end, then try   link bracelets. This type of bracelet looks like the band that fastens a watch to your wrist, except there no clock face.

Link bracelets go great with business wear, especially if you pair them with a link ring. This will give you a very distinct look.

While traditionally, link bracelets come in colors such as silver or gold, there are many options available today. Nowadays, you can find other shades, such as rose gold and black.

8. Chain Bracelets

Similar to link bracelets, chain ones offer a higher-end feel too. Their design is extremely simple, so you don't have to worry about matching them to your clothes, as they'll go with everything, both casual and formal.

Like with link bracelets, you can find chain bracelets in many different colors, such as gold, silver, rose gold, or black. You can even find some that have different color patterns on each chain.

9. Chunky Bracelets

In the past, you'd normally only see women wearing these fashion statements. But as it's becoming more acceptable for men to wear bracelets, new trends are emerging. And one of them is cuff bracelets for men.

When you wear a cuff bracelet, you're making a huge fashion statement. This big chunk of metal definitely draws everyone's eyes to it, so be prepared for people to notice your flair!

Try out These Types of Men's Bracelets

As you can see, there are many styles of men's bracelets that you can add to your outfits. No matter what style or aesthetic you prefer, there's bound to be a type of bracelet to match.

If you're ready to purchase some bracelets to add to your outfits, then look at   our selection  now.

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