Mister Facet Skull Mens Ring

Gold Vermeil

Mister Facet Skull Mens Ring - Gold and Silver Rings - Men's Jewelry

You look at several features that might be of interest to the man in your life when you want to buy men’s rings. What men want most from a ring is sturdiness, unique design and personality. That's exactly what our Mister Time men’s ring has in place.


This ring has a personality of its own which makes it super appealing to men of all ages. In addition to the shape, that inspires masculinity and goes along well with car designs, this ring is finished with the powerful ion bonding technique which makes it practically indestructible.


The crystal gemstones are perfectly placed to complement any design and to give your man authority and glamour. He will feel in control and be able to manifest his true personality when wearing one of these rings.


Order our stainless-steel ring and surprise your husband or partner with a timeless piece of jewelry that will complement his unique style.

Details: Computer drafted for fine details & corners. 

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